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SEO | Search engine OPTIMIZATION
SEO is complicated and time consuming.  That's why most agencies DO NOT do it in-house.  Where do they get SEO services for their clients?  We show you WHERE to get them and HOW to manage it!
Unlike SEO, reputation management is NOT difficult IF you have the right tools.  This is one of the most overlooked and easiest things for businesses to manage in-house.  We will set you up with the platform to do it easily.
Web Traffic to lead conversion
Websites are DEAD...or at least dying.  We show you how you can replace your website with a HIGH CONVERTING sales funnel that will convert more of your existing traffic into leads, which will increase your sales.
I went from paying an agency thousands of dollars per month that got me mediocre results to bringing it in-house and drastically increasing our leads.  Our sales have gone up and with the money we save by not paying a middleman and we have increased our ad spend budget.  I like having the option of managing some of the marketing myself and working with Legion Digital to learn what we don't know how to do.  Thank you Legion Digital. "
-Tessa C, Athgens, OH
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