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Mobile Billboard Chicago

Mobile Billboard Chicago

A mobile billboard in Chicago places your message where it will be seen by most people. Traditional billboards suffer from the problems of height and regulation but Legion Digital cuts through to your potential customers at ground level.

What are mobile billboards?

Chicago mobile billboard trucks display advertisements across the city, reaching people in the busiest part of the city throughout the day. Reach your market as they travel to work or go out to eat even if the main street is different from Wall Street.

We place our advertising on vehicles, at ground level, making the content difficult to ignore. As opposed to a billboard that loses its appeal after a limited time, your content receives fresh views.

Do mobile billboard trucks work?

Money spent on advertising creates a return on investment. Every dollar spent provides $5.29 in increased revenue.

Billboards serve as a powerful canvas for promoting a unique and artistic image, pushing new products, educating customers on your specials, and making your name known. Nearly 50 percent of people remember all content from a billboard, a rate improved to 66 percent when using vehicles such as buses and taxis. Mobile billboards work.

Chicago is a tourist-driven city. We are known for hot dogs, museums, and our sports teams. People travel from across the country to visit our attractions, making digital billboard advertising a potent form of marketing.

These advertisements work best during gameday and in places where people may not know the options available to them. Chicago mobile billboard trucks can cruise Lake Shore Drive or idle near the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, and Black Sox stadiums to great effect.

Mobile billboard regulations in Chicago

There are relatively few limitations on where billboard trucks can park in Chicago. With the freedom to travel the intercity, marketers make this a crucial part of their campaigns to great effect.

While effective, the Supreme Court of the United States did determine that cities can issue ordinances regarding the use of this form of media. There may be a time when we cannot park on public streets, but most states do not limit travel or create regulations regarding private land, meaning that mobile advertising will continue to be a staple of mass marketing campaigns well into the future.

Billboard companies in Chicago

Command the attention of new and existing customers with the use of a billboard truck from Legion Digital. We are established in nearly every major financial center in America with a fleet of registered trucks showing memorable and positive content.

Peruse between the museums, circle the stadiums, and travel the streets to put your brand in public throughout the year. Our backlit trucks are difficult to ignore.

Mobile billboard in Chicago

Hiring a mobile billboard in Chicago is an effective way to promote your business. When used appropriately, you can stand out in a crowd already bombarded by hundreds of messages every day.

Reach your customers when they are ready to purchase rather than get stuck in a sea of information. Use Legion Digital today.

Mobile Billboard Chicago
Legion Digital
Mobile Billboard Chicago
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Bellevue NE 68005 US

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Mobile Billboard Chicago Mobile Billboard Chicago
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