How To Buy A LED Truck

WITHOUT Losing Thousands Of Dollars

How NOT To Lose $100k When Buying A LED Mobile Digital Billboard Truck!
If you are a business looking to save money and control your advertising future or a marketing company looking to serve your customers with the most innovative DOOH medium, Legion LED Truck Sales is here to guide you through the process of purchasing a LED Mobile Digital Billboard Truck.

We started manufacturing LED advertising trucks because our owners were taken advantage of multiple times by amateurs converting box trucks using low quality parts that simply didn’t last.  Call today to find out why a Legion LED Truck is the highest quality on the market.
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Any business owner can take control of their advertising by owning their own advertising trucks. Get A FREE guide that will show you what to look for when purchasing a LED Mobile Digital Billboard Truck.
- Is The Manufacture Qualified?
- What Size and Pitch Should I Buy?
- How Do I Perform Maintenance?
- How Do I Get Clients?
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New LED Trucks
Brand New Ford Transit 350 LED Mobile Billboard Truck 



Fuel type



3.2L Powerstroke I-5 Turbo Diesel
Why Choose Us

Financing Made Easy

We have partnerships with multiple equipment finance companies to help you get started.

Chassis Pool Available

Legion Digital has a unique relationship with Ford Motor Company to supply Ford Transit 350 built to Legion Digital specifications.

Industry Leader

Many claim to lead the industry or to be the biggest or best.  The difference is we can prove it.  No one owns and operates more LED digital billboard trucks than Legion Digital and no one works with more national brands.

Screen Service & Maintenance

LED screens in a truck environment will require lots of maintenance and you need a qualified professional to answer your questions.  Legion Digital has the experience and expertise to help you stay on the road and out of the repair shop.

Looking For Used LED Mobile Billboard Trucks For Sale?

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