If you are a communications director for a political group or political action committee (PAC), then you are most likely thinking of unique ways to get your organizations message seen by the right audience. Sometimes that audience is a specific politician and other times it is the voting public. In some cases, it’s both, and you are hoping to get media coverage of your efforts.

As television and radio ads continue to sky-rocket and the effectiveness of both mediums declining, political organizations are looking for new ways to stand out and be memorable. Over the last 6-8 years, mobile digital billboard trucks have started emerging as a highly effective tool in delivering these political messages all over the country. PACs can now hyper-target specific members of Congress at their field offices, town hall meetings, and anywhere else they appear in public.

Because mobile digital billboard trucks are basically giant televisions on wheels, advertisers can deploy these LED trucks on a moments notice and change the content in real time as events happen. If the politician changes the venue, the mobile billboard trucks can drive to the new location on-demand.

mobile billboard for trump impeachment from moveon.org

Recently, MoveOn.org wanted to target specific Senators regarding the impeachment of President Trump. Legion Digital was able to deploy their fleet of trucks to target the Republican Senators in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Arizona, North Carolina, and Utah. In each of the markets, the LED trucks were able to get right to the Senators main office and get noticed by members of their staff and members of the media. In multiple markets, news organizations covered the campaign, giving MoveOn.org an enormous amount of earned media.
Courier Journal (Kentucky) Article

If you are a marketing or communications director for a political organization or for a candidate for office, we can help you get your message directly to your target audience. Simply go to www.LegionDigital.com to request a free quote and we will get back to you quickly.

Legion Digital is the nations largest operator of led mobile billboard trucks, operating in all markets with our fleet of company owned LED trucks. Legion Digital utilizes the latest LED technology with highly trained drivers. Because a majority of our clients are large Fortune 500 companies, we have a level of experience working with high stakes campaigns that our competitors don’t have. Our in-house support staff will make sure that your mobile billboard campaign run’s exactly how you want it to to achieve the results you desire.

Trump impeachment mobile billboard from MoveOn.org

Mobile LED Billboard Truck At Paul Ryan Event

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