LED mobile billboard trucks are quickly becoming an accepted and sought after medium in the advertising industry. Unfortunately, there are several people taking advantage of this boom and selling a really bad product.

mobile digital billboard truck chassis before being built into led truck

My name is Jerry Teeter, CEO of Legion Digital, and I was one of those victims 4 years ago when I got into this business. If you are interested in buying a LED mobile billboard for your business, here are some tips to help you keep your money safe:

  1. Know the difference between a LED manufacture, an assembler, and a re-seller. Almost everyone currently selling LED trucks are either re-selling pre-fab boxes built in China, often with lower quality parts. The seller has little control over the individual components that make up the LED box. Others are buying box delivery trucks and converting them into LED trucks.  At Legion Digital, we are a true manufacture. We start with a custom Ford Transit cut-away chassis ordered to our specs. We then custom fabricate the body in our shop in Omaha, Nebraska and up-fit it with carefully chosen equipment, from the generator capable of handling full white backgrounds (most trucks do not have a sufficient generator to handle white content), to all the technology to give you multiple options for displaying content on the screens. Every detail of our trucks are carefully considered and in place because we operate a fleet of these trucks on a daily basis. We control every component and every step of the process from start to finish right here in our shop. If the company you are talking to can’t show you this, they aren’t a true manufacture.
  2. Buy from a company, not a person. When I say buy from a company, this means far more than them having a business name or a corporate entity. Most of the people in this industry that are selling LED trucks are simply acting as the middle man between you and the real manufacture. Whether they are buying a completed box from China or converting from box trucks, they are your only source of contact during the process. They may even try to sell this as an advantage or a reason why they are cheaper…because they don’t have the overhead as companies like Legion Digital. But, consider this. Imagine you have sent this person a $50-75k deposit, or worse yet, the whole amount and they go out of business, get in a car accident, or won’t answer their phone for a number of reasons. What do you do? Many of these people work out of their house with no office location. That one person is the business and if they can’t be reached, your money is in jeopardy. You are much safer dealing with a company that has a staff of people, a physical office location, and resources to be around to support the warranty 2 and 3 years down the road.
  3. The Warranty Is Only As Good As The Seller. This is related to #2. I have personal experience buying from a single person “business” who offered a “great” warranty, but as soon as the truck was delivered (with enormous problems), he was nowhere to be found. Everyone will tell you all the things you want to hear up front and they will all sound good, but when you actually get possession of the truck and need their expertise or need them to stand behind their work, many will be gone. This is why you need to be certain the company you are dealing with has a history of being around, has the resources to stand behind their product, and has a history of taking care of their customers. You can trust Legion Digital to be around for the long haul because they are the company leading the industry in innovation, fleet size, and market share with large national brands. We have processes in place to support your truck through the warranty period so you are not put in the position I was 4 years ago.
  4. Professional Fabrication And Quality Parts. Let’s be honest. When you are spending $150k plus, do you want a truck that looks like it was converted from a box truck in someone’s backyard, or do you want a truck that is clean and looks like it was professionally built to be an LED truck from the ground up? When Legion Digital builds a LED mobile billboard truck, we look at the whole truck, not just the screens. We ask our national clients what they like and don’t like about various trucks in the industry. We use the highest quality LED screens, components, and equipment. When others are selling brand new trucks for under $120k, they are cutting corners to do so. Typically it starts with the screens. They are built with lower quality parts and no protections for moisture corrosion. Often we see trucks that the LED box/screens are new but they are mounted on a used, high mileage chassis. They buy the cheapest laptop or media player to display your content. The sound systems are base level and low quality. The generator is to small for the screens to run a full capacity so you are forced to tell your clients, “no white backgrounds”. Just like everything in life, cheap and quality do not go together.

There are many more points that we would love to educate you on. If you are a business owner with multiple retail locations or an advertising company looking to expand your offerings, we are here to help you be successful with your advertising goals. Legion Digital is the industry leader and our success is validated by our history and client portfolio.

If you have questions, I would love to answer them. You can call me directly at 866-SWAYLED or email me at jerry@LegionDigital.com. I look forward to meeting you.

To purchase used LED trucks, go to www.led-trucks.com
To purchase new LED trucks, go to www.ownyourmobilebillboard.com