Marketing is much more than mobile digital billboard trucks.  Our goal is to provide our customers with tools that will help their entire marketing plan.  In addition to mobile billboards, Legion Digital offers an entire suite of digital marketing products, both online and offline, along with innovative strategies.  Check us out and if you like what you see, apply to work with us.


Reputation Management

A company's reputation is important to the success of its business. Reputation management allows you to manage your businesses online reputation more effectively. With Reputation Management you can monitor all forms of social media reviews and remarks have been listed...

Customer Voice

How a customer feels about the experience they have with your company is one of the most parts of a business. 90% of people make their decision about using your business based on customer reviews. If the rating is between 3-5 stars a customer is more likely to choose...

Camping World Mobile Digital Billboard in Iowa

Mobile Digital Billboard Truck in Iowa For Camping World By Legion Digital Outdoor State fairs are a great place to advertise. With mobile billboards we are able to get right up to the fairgrounds to get many eyes on your advertisement. Camping World took advantage of...
Are You Controlling Your Billboards?

Are You Controlling Your Billboards?

Are you a person that likes to have control over your brand? When it comes to advertising, what if you had the control to place a billboard at each of your retail locations and even your competitors locations? What if you had the control to have a billboard display...


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