mobile digital billboard for T-Mobile in Omaha, NE

Are you a person that likes to have control over your brand? When it comes to advertising, what if you had the control to place a billboard at each of your retail locations and even your competitors locations? What if you had the control to have a billboard display your ads on Friday night from 5-11pm within 1 mile of the Centurylink Center to capture attendees of the Katie Perry concert?

At Legion Digital, we believe that the traditional way billboards are purchased is outdated and inefficient. We also believe that there is a huge segment of small business owners who want to utilize the power of digital billboards (DOOH), but do not have thousands of dollars per billboard to spend each month. This belief has pushed us to invest heavily into the next generation of digital billboards. SWAYads gives you the power to control where your ads display geographically through geo-fencing, when they display based on day-parting, and how much you pay each for each display, each day, and your total campaign budget. This creates a highly efficient, highly targeted, and highly controlled way to spend your advertising dollars.

digital mobile billboard for Lyft and Natural Light in Atlanta, GA

SWAYads is currently available in Omaha, Nebraska with plans to expand into additional major markets throughout 2018. If you are a multi-location retail business or restaurant, stop wasting money with inefficient advertising that promises huge reach numbers. Take control over your advertising campaign and target your customers exactly where they are, when they are there. Join the digital revolution and let us help you grow your sales.

To learn more about how you can increase sale using our technology, go to www.SWAYomaha.com and fill out our contact form. We will return your request within 4 business hours. Our hi-resolution LED Mobile Digital Billboard trucks are also available nationwide for exclusive use campaigns.