Let’s face it. Advertising is expensive and most of the time we as small business owners are trusting the “professionals” to deliver effective advertising materials that will generate leads so that we can close the sale. But what if we are doing it wrong, which in turn, leads to a loser campaign, which leads to wasted money? How do you insure that your campaign will be a success? The answer is actually very simple.

billboard – what not to do

Many businesses from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies make the same mistake. They hire agencies that have extremely talented and qualified graphics artist but a graphic artist typically isn’t an experienced copywriter. The key to connecting with your consumer is not through a pretty ad, but in what the ad says. Far to often, most ads are cluttered with an enormous amount of information or they are all about the business and what THEY offer. The truth is, we as consumers don’t care about how long you’ve been in business nor do we make our buying decisions on the history of a company. We pick up the phone when we see an ad that communicates how they can help us solve a need or problem.

mcdonalds billboard

For example, I’m driving home late one night and have a food craving when all of a sudden I see this McDonalds billboard. I suddenly want fries and a Coke and I know that they can solve that need in less than 5 seconds of seeing the ad. Another example, if a law firm has an ad that says, “I Want To Be Your Lawyer”, that does little to connect with the consumer on an emotional level. Sure, every lawyer wants to be my lawyer. Take the same graphics and say, “Facing a criminal charge is a scary situation. We can help you navigate through the complicated legal process” connects at an emotional level and shows the consumer that you are there to help them, not sell them.

Having the best graphic design available and the best billboard location in the city will not ensure a successful campaign. Don’t waste valuable resources by poorly communicating your message to your audience. If your agency does not have an effective copywriter on staff, hire a free-lancer to work with the graphics designer.

If you want to learn more about how to effectively communicate your brands message, email me your questions to jerry@legiondigital.com. Once you have a clearly defined and effective message, we can help you deliver that message anywhere in the country to your targeted audience on our fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks.